Game Description

Kora, the poor farmer, was on his way to the market through the jungle road. Alas he didn’t know that Tricky Tim, the evil monkey, and his friends were waiting for the loot. On they came upon him and out he shouted for help. And there came our hero baby jumbo Saachi to save the day…

Mirrorwalkgames presents Elephant Splash, an exciting novel PC 3D action game. Defend your stash of fruits till 100 levels. Splash and sploosh away the evil monkeys, bear and other enemies. Call you friends and family to help.

Play through three beautiful eye catching locations. Over 300 levels and many hours of play. And don’t just play alone. Join with your friend or family to play in local dual player mode to defeat the enemies.

Key Features

  • 3D Action Game
  • Single & Dual Player
  • Multiple Locations
  • More than 100 Levels
  • 6 Helping Characters
  • Fight with challenging enemies


Action, Tower Defense, Strategy


Steam, PS4, Xbox



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